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Hello everybody and happy new year! I am more than thrilled to see the site make it to a new year and to continue providing you, the fans, with all the latest media on Bradley. To ring in the new year, I uploaded 2,087 Blu-Ray screen captures of Bradley from The Words. It is such a phenomenal film and one of Bradley’s best performances to date. If you haven’t already seen the movie, I suggest checking it out. Definitely worth the watch. I uploaded screen captures from the Extended Special Edition, which also includes various special features, such as: An Unabridged look behind the scenes of The Words and A look at how Bradley and the filmmakers found The Words. Screen Captures of the special features and DVD menus will be uploaded here shortly. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the abundance of screen captures I uploaded.

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Movie Productions > The Words > Blu-Ray Screen Captures

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In his new movie, The Words, Bradley Cooper plays a young novelist who swipes someone else’s book and rides it to fame.

In his previous turn as a leading man, Limitless, he played a slacker who takes a pill to give him an edge over the rest of the world.

But any connection between the characters in those films and his own sudden rise is coincidental. Cooper, 37, has paid his dues and earned his breaks.

If he is playing characters caught up in glory not entirely of their own making, it’s because he is in a position to choose interesting roles that rely on more than just his good looks.

“The guy in Limitless was able to actually accomplish the things he accomplishes himself — after he’s taken the pill,” Cooper said. “He kind of deserved it, right?” Rory (Cooper’s character in The Words) “didn’t do anything to deserve the acclaim he won.”

Cooper said he was drawn to The Words because of the murky moral ground Rory stands on. Like generations of aspiring writers, he has taken something he admires and copied it as a way of absorbing the writer’s style.

“For me, him copying the manuscript was like a pianist playing a great piece of music,” said writer-director Brian Klugman. “He wants to hear it, to feel it.”

But that copying leads to a misunderstanding, to publication, to awards and limos and wealth.

Rory’s chief sin, according to Cooper, is that “He’s impatient. He’s not willing to wait to get his break. Really, what he does is rob himself of the bliss of creating something really wonderful.”< /p>

Klugman and co-screenwriter Lee Sternthal, who also shared directing duties on The Words, saw the film as a chance to ruminate on the notion of guilt as punishment. Rory’< s punishment, Sternthal said, is in not finding out whether he had what it takes to become a literary star. “We talked about the idea of living with guilt, and whether or not you can alleviate that or ever truly escape it,” Klugman said. “Guilt is a tough emotion to carry with you. It doesn’t help you with anything, near as I can tell.” “We’re used to seeing movies and books where somebody faces terrible punishments for their crimes,” Sternthal added. “It’s almost like guilt has gone out of the conversation. We wanted to re-introduce ‘guilt’ into the culture — the idea that it can be a punishment in and of itself.” Reviewers are praising Cooper and The Words for having literary ambition but are panning its execution. Todd Gilchrist at Indiewire noted that “Cooper successfully communicates the idea of a guy who’s not as talented as he wishes.” But Ray Greene of BoxOffice magazine cracked that it is “a movie for people who buy their novels at Starbucks, made by people who write their novels at Starbucks.” In other words, he said — screenwriters. Cooper should be able to shrug off the criticism. He will appear in the film adaptation of The Silver Linings Playbook in the fall. And if nothing else, The Words gave him the chance to add Jeremy Irons to a list of “screen legends” he has worked with, from Christopher Walken (Wedding Crashers) to Liam Neeson (The A-Team) and Robert De Niro (Limitless). “Limitless provided me with the ability to make more interesting choices, to take a bigger, more creative role in the collaboration,“ Cooper said. He used that to his advantage in The Words. “You want to learn from the really great actors you work with,” he said. “And what I’m learning is that the great ones share one thing: this sort of integrity about the work. They’re easy to get along with, generous.”


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It’s kind of upsetting that the critics are being so harsh towards The Words, especially since it looks like one of his best performances yet. But then again, most critics eviscerate most movies these days. So I wouldn’t worry too much about what the critics are saying.

CBS Films wasn’t designed to make blockbusters. CBS Films was designed to make movies with big stars on a small budget and turn a solid profit. It’s important to remember that as you read some of today’s scathing reviews tied to its latest film “The Words.”

The new drama stars Bradley Cooper as a writer who rises to great fame with his debut novel; however the problem is he didn’t write it. Cooper’s character, Rory Jansen, actually stumbled upon another writer’s draft and passed it off as his own to jumpstart his career. Now as his popularity swells he must contend with his mistake when the original author makes contact.

On paper, it’s not a bad concept…granted it’s also one that’s been done before. However the appeal here is clearly its cast which along with Cooper includes Zoe Saldana (Cooper’s on-again, off-again girlfriend in real life), Olivia Wilde, Ben Barns, Dennis Quaid and Oscar winner Jeremy Irons. It’s also worth noting that Quaid is fronting CBS’ new Western “Vegas,” which debuts at the end of the month. (Nice synergy!)

Yet the critics have not been kind to the drama as reviewers have been falling all over themselves today to come up with their own choice “words” about the movie.

“It would have been more fun if I’d brought something to throw at the screen” – Dana Stevens,

“A well-acted but narratively limp indie that’s undermined by a failure to connect emotionally with its audience.” – Jen Chaney, The Washington Post

“Bradley Cooper’s funniest movie since “The Hangover” – unfortunately, unintentionally this time …” – Lou Lumenick , New York Post

Lumneick actually takes it a step further in titling his review “Bradley Stupor.” Either way, you get the point. Surprisingly though it has also actually managed to find some big name supporters.

“A clever, entertaining yarn that doesn’t bear close scrutiny.” Steven Holden, New York Times

“This is a film that’s thoughtful and elegant, with just enough loose strings to keep things intriguing.” – Tom Long, The Detroit News

However with only a 15% fresh rating from film review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, it is clear “The Words” isn’t going to win any big awards. Once again though it’s important to remember the overall context as reportedly the movie was made for just $6 million; which coincidentally is how much it is expected to make this weekend at the box office.

Anything over that is mostly profit and factoring in what it could earn through international release, DVD sales and cable deals “Words” could end up making money. Of course that won’t be in the headlines as the box office continues to deal with a slump that has burned a number of big summer Hollywood tentpoles.

Instead the story will be that if “Words” or any of the current crop of movies fails to make over $10 million, it will mark the first time since 2008 that it is happen. You have to go back to Nicolas Cage’s “Bangkok Dangerous,” which only managed $7.8 million.

Still you have to give CBS Films some credit as they have managed to turn profits on a number of their hits (debut entry “Extraordinary Measures” notwithstanding). Earlier in the year Daniel Radcliffe’s “The Woman In Black” pulled in the studio’s highest opening weekend ever with $20 million (on its way to a $50+ million haul).

So as you read this weekend’s reviews remember looks can be deceiving…sometimes.

So what’s your take New York? Are you planning on seeing “The Words?” Hit the comments and let us know.


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Hello everybody! As promised, I uploaded photos of Bradley at the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie The Words. The premiere was held at the ArcLight Cinemas on September 4, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Bradley wore a navy check suit, classic shirt, and leather shoes from Tom Ford. I uploaded 216 MQ and HQ photos of Bradley at the premiere. Just a reminder, The Words opens up in theaters today! Enjoy the photos!

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Public Appearances > Events from 2012 > “The Words” Los Angeles Premiere

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A new poster for Bradley’s new movie The Words has been released! Check it out:

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Movie Productions > The Words > Posters

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A new still for Bradley’s upcoming movie The Words has just been released! I just uploaded it in HQ! Enjoy! :)

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Movie Productions > The Words > Stills

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I just updated the gallery with stills of Bradley from his 3 upcoming movies: The Words, The Place Beyond the Pines, and The Silver Linings Playbook. Enjoy! :)

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Movie Productions > The Words > Stills
Movie Productions > The Words > The Place Beyond the Pines
Movie Productions > The Words > The Silver Linings Playbook

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I just updated the gallery with 80+ photos of Bradley on set of his movie The Words. Enjoy! :)

Gallery Links
Movie Productions > The Words > On Set – June 7, 2011
Movie Productions > The Words > On Set – June 9, 2011
Movie Productions > The Words > On Set – June 14, 2011
Movie Productions > The Words > On Set – June 22, 2011

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Speakeasy caught up with Bradley Cooper yesterday to discuss his role opposite Robert De Niro in “Limitless,” which comes out on DVD today.

Below is the second half of the interview, in which Cooper talks about his recent film projects, what movie he most wants to direct, and how he keeps up his energy levels.

“The Hangover Part II” was enormously successful at the box office but panned by a lot of critics. Does that bother you? Do you read those reviews?

You know, I didn’t read the reviews for “Hangover II” but – I wouldn’t say it bothered me, but it definitely perplexed me because to me, it’s not even a question that it’s a better movie than the first one. On every level I just think you’re watching a director evolve. It’s a much more complicated film. It’s a funnier movie. There’s better acting in it, the story’s more compelling. It’s just in every way a more sophisticated film. I think the only thing that it doesn’t have is the freshness of the first one because it was the first one. So, I was more just sort of like wow, it’s interesting, sometimes people just pan things because they’re supposed to, really.

There’s talk of a “Hangover III”?

Well, I would do anything that [director] Todd Phillips says.

As far as your recent schedule, you were in Montreal for a month to shoot “The Words,” then you went to L.A. to film “Outrun.”

That’s right. Those two movies were written and directed by my best friends in the world, so it was a real honor to work with both of them. My friend, Brian Klugman, who wrote “The Words,” wrote that 11 years ago and I’ve known him – we grew up together – since we were 10 years old. We’ve been best friends. So to have that movie finally be able to be made was incredible. And then my friend Dax Shepard wrote this road comedy called “Outrun,” and I did that for a week.

What was up with the dreadlocks and the lion cub [Cooper’s costume in “Outrun”]?

[Laughs.] Well, Dax – either to his credit or it’ll be to his demise – allowed me the freedom to create the character [laughs], and I play the heavy in the movie. There’s a guy that lives in my neighborhood in Venice that I always see, and we were talking about the character, and I said, you know, there’s this guy who’s always pristinely dressed but he’s like a surfer guy, I wonder if this guy’s the guy. He said, sure. So we created that character, and that’s what he is.

Are you in upstate New York now, in Schenectady?

I’m in Schenectady right now, prepping a movie called “Place Beyond the Pines” by the director of “Blue Valentine,” Derek Cianfrance. I’m just doing research and I’ve been going to the police station everyday and doing ride-alongs at night. It’s been very educational. They start filming in a week but I come in halfway through the movie and I start filming August 9.

Click here for the rest of the interview

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Bradley Cooper might just be the busiest man in Hollywood this summer.

Last week he left Montreal after spending more than a month there shooting The Words, and this week he is back in L.A., and already back on another set.

Bradley is currently filming Outrun, which is being directed by Dax Shepard and also stars Dax’s fiancee Kristen Bell. Yesterday, he was spotted on the set sporting dreadlocks and cuddling with a two-month-old tiger named Annastazia, quite a difference from the slicked back hair and suits he was spotted wearing on the set in Montreal.

After Bradley wraps up his scenes for Outrun, he’ll be headed to Upstate New York to begin filming The Place Beyond The Pines.

If you spot Bradley on a set this summer, let us know at!


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